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About My Photo Site

When they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, it's true, but a picture, done well, is so much more. It's a split-second glimpse of a moment that will never come again. It's a window into a world that others may never see unless they can view your photographs. To me, it's a means of maintaining a pictorial memory of my life. I find it amazing that I can completely forget an experience or event and with one glimpse of a photograph I am transported back to that time and place.

Laurie Excell, Photographer


I come from a family where a camera of some kind was always - and continues to be - in someone's (or everyone's) hand. As a child I spent untold hours pouring over photo albums, organizing the pictures and admiring them. With stacks of photo albums in the house, our family was always very big on writing on the backs of the pictures so that the subjects, place and date could be identified for the picture viewer in the years and generations to come.

The first camera I can remember is Mom's Kodak Instamatic 104, which I loved to use. I'll never forget that crazy rotating flash cube that was mounted on top, and the camera was brought out for use at every opportunity. This was 70s high tech at its finest.

Photography has been a hobby of mine which I have picked up and put back down several times over my life. My interest in this wonderful pastime, though, permanently returned with the purchase of my first digital camera in June 2003 - a silver-coloured 4 Megapixel Canon PowerShot S400 Digital Elph. I loved that little camera! - so sharp and took beautiful shots. Sadly the camera's sensor permanently went south during my first-ever trip to London, England in the fall of 2007; what incredibly bad timing. It was a weird experience first moving to digital. Suddenly I didn't have to worry about carefully composing and perfecting a shot because I only had 24 or 36 shots on the roll. Gone forever were the days of photo processing.

Up until the move to digital I had used a succession of film cameras, with my trusty old Canon AE-1 Program being the most recent pre-digital camera. I still have this film camera along with a small bag full of lenses. It's in fantastic shape so who knows - I may experiment with film again some day. The AE-1 is ready when I am.


I photograph purely for the fun and enjoyment of it, not to produce great "art". I don't excel at what I do but who cares - I'm having fun! Photography is pure "me time" - there's nothing more engaging or absorbing than a fine day (or night) out with a camera. I can totally lose track of time quite easily when a good subject is at hand.

I frequently have a camera in my hand, be it my Canon 5D Mark IV or, when I’m looking for something lighter and more compact, either my Fujifilm X-T2 or Fujifilm X100F (which is an amazing camera for street photography). Only recently have I discovered the power of the iPhone for everyday photography - so light and portable and it's a device that's usually with me. I would never permanently stray from my beloved full frame DSLR but it's nice to know there are lighter and smaller options if need be. I admit to being a bit of a camera gear-head and, budget willing, love to acquire the latest gadget to feed my photo habit. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit exactly how much photo equipment I do own, but then again, you can never have too much gear. ;)


So, why an online photo site? Why put my photos online and who would care anyway? Why expose myself to the harsh criticism of the photography hobbyist world? Well, why not?! <shrug> At the moment I have somewhere in the neighbourhood of 40,000 digital photos in my collection and it seems a shame to me not to share these with anyone. Even if no one looks at this site at least some of my shots are out there for the world to discover, for better or for worse. I've heard it said that still photography is now a dead art, with video being the current trend. I've always been slightly old school anyway so I'm not too worried about being a bit of a dinosaur, if that indeed is the case.

My favourite types of photography to engage in are architecture, urban, landscape, night, travel, portraiture, macro, street and motion. I have several other subject interests, though, including flowers and animals. I've recently discovered how powerful images can be when converted to black and white, so that is one of my new passions. This past year has seen me expand my expertise in portrait/studio and flash photography. Infrared and 360-degree photography are other aspects I would like to explore in the coming year.

On this site you will predominantly find my shots of Toronto, different parts of Canada, the U.S. and Europe. This site is home for my "general" photography. As my photographic output and interests continue to grow, I have expanded my efforts to a few other web sites. In addition to this, my general photo site, my other sites are:



This is my portfolio site. It hosts a smaller, select set of my images I'm most pleased with - my "best of the best", as it were. Text is minimal on this site (except for the blog portion), as I've chosen to concentrate on the images.



This is my "travel photo blog" site. Here I post photos and stories of my daily adventures while travelling. This is a small site at the moment but will continue to grow over time as destinations on my travel bucket list are explored.



This site is currently in its infancy but, when completed, will host images of a more personal nature in terms of family, friends, pets and colleagues.



Construction on my photo sites is a constant, so you may find a few of the pages to be a work in progress.


In this day and age when cameras are everywhere thanks to the omnipresent smartphone, it surprises me that some people are still uncomfortable having their picture taken. By taking your picture I'm not trying to steal your soul or anything, but if you do happen to wind up in my shots - whether by intent or accident - and you'd like the photo removed from this site, I will certainly honour that request. Just use the "Contact Me" link on the main sidebar to let me know.

Photographing The Photographer


I hope you take a few minutes to enjoy my humble little photo site. Please don't be too harsh a critic as my photo (and web building) skills are in constant development and things can only get better. I know it's certainly fun trying.


Marvin Job

Toronto, Ontario


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