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I thought I would use this blog to talk about some of my favourite images appearing in the galleries. For example, what inspired me to take the shot, what I like most about the image, where the image was taken, plus a small bit of the shot's technical information. Enjoy...

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Prairie Sunrise

This is such a peaceful shot.

I captured this sunrise image while travelling southbound along Highway 2 in Alberta, en route to the Calgary International Airport to catch my plane back to Toronto. I had an early flight out from Calgary that morning which meant, naturally, an early departure. Even though it was about 8:00AM when I took this shot, it still felt awfully early to me. The sun rises slightly later in western Canada, and it didn't help that it was late November; winter was just around the corner.

Highway 2 (a.k.a. Queen Elizabeth II Highway) runs between Calgary and Edmonton and is normally a very busy route. There didn't seem to be much traffic on the highway that morning, hence the solitary feeling the image projects. The farm in the distance is very typical of a prairie farm, with its silos, barb wire fence, cluster of wind-breaking trees, farmhouse and out-buildings.

The shot was originally taken in colour but was very orange and not all that interesting. In Lightroom I converted it to black and white, which somehow added a whole different mood and feel compared to the original. To me, the image now feels calm, moody and slightly lonely.

Highway 2, somewhere between Red Deer and Calgary, Alberta
November 17, 2012
ISO 200, 1/125 sec., f/ 5.6

"Abhithi" & Dancers, desiFEST 2018


Sometimes lightning simply strikes.

That was the case with this image taken during a performance in desiFEST 2018 at Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto. The sun was brilliant that day, which really helped make the colourful costumes pop. I was tracking this Indian dancer with my camera in Servo mode and high-speed continuous as she moved about the stage. As part of the dance she suddenly threw back her shawl at the same moment I was firing off a series of shots. I was hoping to get one that really popped and I was rewarded with this image.

I love this image: the sun bathes the dancer in its warmth and light and, to me, her expression says "Rejoice!". The shot is indicative of the spirit and attitude of the dancers onstage that day - they were so happy to be performing and seemed filled with the joy of living.

Toronto, Ontario
June 2, 2018
ISO 100, 1/100 sec., f/ 8.0

Abandoned Farmhouse

Abandoned Prairie Farmhouse

While back in central Alberta in 2017 for my annual family visit we travelled to the small town of Big Valley, located east of Innisfail on Highway 590. On the way back from Big Valley I spotted this abandoned, decrepit farmhouse and just had to stop to get some shots; I am fascinated by abandoned prairie homesteads (must be my prairie farm roots).

Wandering around outside this old house and the out-buildings (which were in much worse condition than the house itself), I wondered: who lived here? How many children did they have? Did they have a good life in this place? A hard life? Why did they simply leave, abandoning their house and letting it fall to ruin? When it comes to abandoned homesteads there must be a thousand stories embedded in the fabric of these buildings. I know the images I took that day certainly instilled a sense of loneliness in me.

Big Valley, Alberta
April 17, 2017
ISO 400, 1/100 sec., f/ 11

Melissa Etheridge

Melissa Etheridge Performs

What a great night, and what a great performance!

This is Melissa Etheridge on stage, performing during the opening ceremonies of World Pride 2014 in Toronto.

Toronto was quite honoured to host World Pride back in 2014. The event opened with a massive, marathon ceremony in Nathan Phillips Square, in front of City Hall. There were a lot of fantastic performers that night but Melissa Etheridge was especially electric. She was clearly pleased, moved and honoured to be there and it really reflected in her performance that night.

In this shot I especially like the visual effects the stage lights have on the performer and the dry ice that's hanging in the air.

Toronto, Ontario
June 20, 2014
ISO 800, 1/125 sec., f/ 4.0

Bratislavan Nun

Bratislavan Nun

This is absolutely one of my favourite images.

The shot was taken on the spur of the moment during a day trip to Bratislava, Slovakia (I unfortunately have no recollection or knowledge of the street's name). We were wandering the cobblestone streets of the city when this nun passed us. It was almost an afterthought but I turned around and grabbed a quick shot before she rounded the corner and disappeared forever.

Over the years I've looked at this image and wondered about the nun. Where was she heading? What was she doing that day? What was on her mind? Was she happy? Sad? What happened to her the split second after the shutter closed?

Bratislava, Slovakia
September 23, 2015
ISO 100, 1/60 sec., f/ 8.0

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