Canary District

Beside Corktown Common is another new addition to the city called the Canary District. The Canary District is a housing development in the old portlands/docks of Toronto. The area underwent massive redevelopment to coincide with Toronto's hosting of the 2015 Pan American Games. Six of the buildings at this location were constructed for the Athletes' Village, then converted to private residences after the games were over. Dozens of further buildings were then constructed for private residences, and Front Street will eventually be lined with boutiques and restaurants to service this area.

There used to be an old, iconic restaurant near the foot of Cherry Street called the Canary Restaurant. The restaurant is now closed but developers kept the heritage building and made it the gateway to the new district. The old Canary Restaurant had a large neon Canary out front, and this is where the name of the redeveloped area took its namesake.

April 29, 2017

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