Metropolitan United Church - "Paint Your Faith" Mural

At the corner of Church and Shuter Streets, behind the Metropolitan United Church, there is a 104-year old building belonging to the Church. According to the "Live With Culture" site, "Four graffiti artists — two from Toronto (Elicser and Mediah) and two from San Francisco (Chor Boogie and Siloette) — were commissioned to collaborate on the piece, which measures 60′ x 30′ and took two weeks to complete. 'The mural is part of the United Church’s ongoing effort to take its message of faith and spirituality back to the street,' says project executive producer Alan Serpa". This building is supposed to eventually be moved to make way for new developments on the north end of the church property, so I'm glad to have these few shots for posterity's sake.

January 16, 2016

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