Utility Boxes

For several years now I've noticed these painted utility/traffic signal boxes around Toronto and they've always grabbed my attention with their colourful and whimsical designs. These painted boxes are actually a City of Toronto StreetARToronto project called "Outside the Box". According to the City's website, "the Outside the Box program provides an opportunity for local artists to create works of art on traffic signal boxes across Toronto and contribute to the vitality and attractiveness of the streetscape".

I decided to start photographing these boxes as I discover them in my travels around the city, and showcase them on this page. They're not presented here in any real geographic or chronological order, and I'll continue to add to this page as I encounter more boxes in my daily wanderings through the city.

Corner of Spadina Road & Davenport Road

N.E. corner of Victoria Street & Dundas Street East

280 Wellesley Street East

S.W. corner of Coxwell Avenue & Mortimer Avenue

N.E. corner of Carlton Street & Church Street

S.W. corner of Wood Street & Church Street

Outside 100 Maitland Street

N.E. corner of Church Street & Wellesley Street East

N.W. corner of Gerrard Street East & Church Street

N.E. corner of Yonge Street & Heath Street East (just north of St. Clair Ave.)

N.W. Corner of Yonge Street & Gerrard Street West

S.W. Corner of University Avenue & Dundas Street West

N.W. Corner of Bay Street & Gerrard Street West

N.W. Corner of Yonge Street & College Street

N.E. Corner of Dundas Street East & Sumach Street

46 Dundonald Street

S.W. Corner of Parliament Street & Gerrard Street East

On Church Street Between Gerrard Street East & Gould Street

N.E. Corner of Church Street & Front Street East

S.W. Corner of Harbour Street & Bay Street

N.E. Corner of Mill Street & Parliament Street

N.E. Corner of Sherbourne Street & Wellesley Street East

344 Jarvis Street

N.E. Corner of Mutual Street & Gerrard Street East

S.W. Corner of Queen Street West & Dufferin Street

S.W. Corner of Richmond Street West & Yonge Street

100 Gloucester Street

S.W. Corner of Victoria Street & Queen Street East

80 Winchester Street

214 Wellesley Street East

N.E. Corner of Bedford Road & Bloor Street West

N.E. Corner of Lower Sherbourne Street & Queen's Quay East

N.W. Corner of Dufferin Street & Saskatchewan Road (Exhibition Place)

104 Yorkville Avenue

Frank Stollery Parkette (1 Davenport Road)

S.E. Corner of Church Street & Gloucester Street

233 Yonge Street (Outside the Eaton Centre)

370 Broadview Avenue (N.W. Corner of Broadview Avenue & Gerrard Street East)

3 Howard Street

135 Rose Avenue

S.W. Corner of Liberty Street & Dufferin Street

105 Isabella Street

59 Isabella Street

17 Isabella Street

66 Maitland Street

S.W. Corner of Dundas Street West & Yonge Street

N.E. Corner of Sherbourne Street & Gerrard Street East

S.E. Corner of Ontario Street & Carlton Street

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