Islington Village Murals

The Islington Village murals run along Dundas Street West from Islington Avenue to Kipling Avenue. In 2004 the Islington Business Improvement Area (BIA) was charged with the responsibility of beautifying and enhancing this part of the city. Over the next few years BIA-appointed artists created many large-scale murals on the sides of the area's buildings. These murals depict some of the history of the community, and to date there are 26 murals covering over 25,000 square feet of public art.

Each of the murals has a descriptive panel mounted beside it, which tells the particular history and details of the scene. I have transposed those descriptions into the captions of these shots (when in full screen mode, hovering your mouse pointer near the bottom of the image will make the captions reappear if they vanish from the image).

May 21, 2018

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