Toronto Pride 2019

Justin, Jagmeet, Mr. Mayor, noise-makers, rainbow flags, dykes on bikes, naked men & topless women, dancing in the street, screaming, smiles & hugs, dance music, a thick doobie haze, sunshine, heat, water canons, energy, colours, TONS of drag queens... Ah, yes, it must be that time of year again - Pride in Toronto!!

After several years of wet Pride weekends, the weather gods FINALLY favoured us and we had glorious sunshine, not a cloud in the sky and very little humidity - for the entire weekend no less. Although I didn't attend the parade I gather it was one of the best ever. I did *hear* the parade, though, and the energy level coming from it was phenomenal.

The Toronto Pride festival is now so massive and extensive it's a challenge to see and photograph it all. Here, though, is my humble contribution from a few hours spent wandering Church Street over the weekend.

June 21-23, 2019

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