Complete Lighting & Shooting Workshop

Prior to doing this workshop I'd felt daunted by the concept of photo studios with their elaborate lighting setups, specialized equipment and accessories; to me it all seemed baffling, highly complex and somewhat mysterious. This fantastic half-day long workshop led by James Ogilvie, though, really made so many concepts clear to me and I found the field not so intimidating after all. James led us through working with different types of light, strobe configurations, light setups and falloff, secondary lighting, modifiers, working with subjects/models, plus so many other lighting concepts too numerous to mention.

The workshop took place in a fully equipped photo studio with professional models, makeup artist and assistant. Our gracious, beautiful and friendly models that day were Christina Mackintosh and Annie McDayter. Gelareh Kamazani was the Makeup Artist for the session and did a fabulous job on the models' makeup and hair, while Kat Singer assisted in the studio in numerous ways.

I came away from the session feeling that this was one of the most rewarding workshops I've ever done. I learned a great deal and, now with increased confidence, have a strong desire to further explore portraiture photography.

Host: James Ogilvie + Henry's Learning Lab, Toronto

Leader: James Ogilvie

November 27, 2016

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