London Photography Mystery Tour

This London tour from Hairy Goat Photography Tours is so-named as the company doesn't tell you where they will be taking you prior to the start of the tour. All that is known is that the photo walk will take place in the old City of London, off the beaten tourist path. It was an absolute delight to do this tour. My guide and I wended our way through the narrow, cobblestone streets of old London, passing through quaint and historic streets such as Threadneedle, Throgmorton, Old Broad and Gracechurch, just to name a few. I spent some time in the Cornhill area admiring the beautiful old St. Michael parish church designed by Sir Christopher Wren. From there we pressed on to Leadenhall Market and finished up at the beautiful remains of St. Dunstan's-In-The-East.

Host: Hairy Goat Photography Tours, London (UK)

Leader: Steve Franck

September 15, 2016

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