Vulcan is a prairie town located on Highway 23, midway between the cities of Calgary and Lethbridge. The population of the town is about 1,900. Due to it sharing the same name as Mr. Spock’s homeworld in Star Trek, the town is known as the “Official Star Trek Capital of Canada”. The whole town is crazy for Star Trek and is internationally quite famous for this. There is also a bust of Leonard Nimoy, who showed up a few years ago to endorse the statue. Every year in July, Vulcan hosts a special event called “Vul-Con” where Trekkies come by the hundreds. Appearing at Vul-Con are celebrities who have acted in, written, and otherwise taken part in bringing the iconic Star Trek franchise to life. Yep, it’s one big nerd-fest!

We had a blast checking out the Visitor Centre and the rest of the Star Trek paraphernalia scattered throughout the town.

September 25, 2019

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