Cornwall is very primeval: great, black, jutting cliffs and rocks, like the original darkness, and a pale sea breaking in, like dawn. It is like the beginning of the world, wonderful…

- D.H. Lawrence, Letter, 1916

The golden and unpeopled bays

The shadowy cliffs and sheep-worn ways

The white unpopulated surf

The thyme-and-mushroom scented surf

The slate-hung farms, the oil-lit chapels

Thin elms and lemon-coloured apples…

- Sir John Betjeman, Delectable Duchy, 1974

From Padstow Point to Lundy Light

Is a watery grave by day and night.

- Cornish saying

Cornwall is not much to my taste, being as bleak as the bleakest parts of Scotland, and nothing like so pointed and characteristic.

- Robert Louis Stevenson, Letter, 1877

Cornwall, and the storm-tossed isle

Where to the sky the rude sea rarely smiles

Unless in treacherous wrath.

- Percy Bysshe Shelley, Letter, 1820

Nothing can be more desolate than the appearance of this province, where most part of the inhabitants live in the mines.

- Robert Southey, Letters from England, 1807

Love it or hate it, Cornwall is undeniably beautiful.

It had been a dream/life goal/bucket list item of mine for quite a few years to visit Cornwall, which is the large peninsula in the southwest corner of the U.K. For years I'd looked in awe at the shots I'd see of Cornwall: the huge crashing waves, dramatic cliffs, rocky shores, fishing villages and quaint way of life.

By way of good 'ole Google I discovered a U.K.-based photo tour company called Light & Land UK, who host group package tours entirely geared to photography. Light & Land take the client to the best scenery a country or region has to offer, taking care of all logistics while you, the photographer, have only to concentrate on getting the best shots.

I registered in Light & Land's "Wild West" Cornwall tour and in the Fall journeyed to the U.K. to join my photography group. I entered and exited the U.K. via London. Sandwiched between those dates was my group photography tour of Cornwall along with my solo tour of some other Cornwall locations the tour didn't cover.

On a number of levels, this was one of the most beautiful and inspiring trips I've taken so far in my travels, and these albums represent just a small fragment of the entire marvelous Cornwall experience. If you are interested in reading my daily photo blog of this trip, please click here to view (a new tab will open in your browser).

September 24 - October 8, 2018

London Stop-Overs

This Cornwall trip also involved two visits to London, where I arrived and departed the U.K. These were very brief stop-overs in London, but I was able to do some wandering and see a bit of the city.

September 25-26, 2018


October 5-8, 2018

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