Mousehole is a quaint, historic little fishing village on the south coast of Cornwall between Penzance and Land’s End. The correct pronunciation of Mousehole is in the Cornish: Mow-zel (rhyme mow with now and add zel at the end).

There’s still a lot of old world charm in Mousehole, and it’s filled with small, interesting shops, galleries and restaurants. This was a sunrise shoot location for our group, so the main aim that morning was to capture the sunrise as it glowed on the harbour and houses of the village. Unfortunately the sun did not entirely cooperate that morning (as is frequently the case in the UK), but we were still able to get some interesting shots.

After capturing the dawn I did a mini-wander through Mousehole and was able to capture a few interesting sites around the village before it was time for us to leave for the next location.

September 29, 2018

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