Newlyn Harbour

Newlyn is a seaside town and bustling fishing port located only 1 mile from Penzance. It makes for a lovely walk if the weather is OK. The population of Newlyn is 4,432 (2011 census).

Newlyn Harbour is an extremely busy port, and more on the industrial side unlike the port in Cadgwith, which is very “old world” and charming. Prior to our group’s arrival at Newlyn Harbour, Clive and Phil (our group’s leaders) had arranged with the Harbour Quartermaster that we be allowed special access into the secured area where the fishing boats are docked and unloaded. This would allow for some great shots of the boats and harbour in action, as long as we all stayed out of the way of the working men there.

After I finished capturing my Harbour images I took a little spin through the village of Newlyn, which is what this album finishes up with.

October 2, 2018

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