Sadly, my guided photography tour of the Cornwall coasts has ended and our group gone their separate ways. After being in Penzance for a week it was time to move on to the second, and shorter, phase of my Cornwall experience. Next up: Truro.

Truro is Cornwall’s only city (the other centres are all small villages and towns), with a population of about 19,000 people. To be honest, Truro did not set me on fire with excitement, unlike so many of the previous Cornwall locations I had enjoyed. The reason I was interested in visiting Truro was to photograph the outstanding Cathedral there.

Designed by architect John Loughborough Pearson, the Truro Cathedral is one of only three cathedrals in the U.K. having three spires. The foundation stones were laid in 1880 and the cathedral was completed in 1910, taking thirty years to build. The cathedral is a magnificent example of Gothic Revival architecture.

This album consists of general shots from my two-day Truro visit, plus several of the Truro Cathedral.

October 3, 2018

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