Urban Photo Projects


Although I'm not an artist I've always been fascinated with wall murals, especially when the entire side of a building is the artist's canvas. On these pages I've compiled shots of various murals from buildings in Toronto and other cities I've visited. There's frequently a very thin line between murals and graffiti, but for the purposes of this gallery I've tried to stick to the textbook definition of a mural: "a large picture painted or affixed directly on a wall or ceiling".

Utility Boxes

For several years now I've noticed these painted utility/traffic signal boxes around Toronto and they've always grabbed my attention with their colourful and whimsical designs. These painted boxes are actually a City of Toronto StreetARToronto project called "Outside the Box". According to the City's website, "the Outside the Box program provides an opportunity for local artists to create works of art on traffic signal boxes across Toronto and contribute to the vitality and attractiveness of the streetscape".

I decided to start photographing these boxes as I discover them in my travels around the city, and showcase them on this page. They're not presented here in any real geographic or chronological order, and I'll continue to add to this page as I encounter more boxes in my daily wanderings through the city.


Another facet of artwork frequently seen in our urban environment is the sculpture. During my travels through various cities I have captured a few of these pieces and compiled them here. Like my other urban photo project pages, this sculptures page is a continual work in progress.

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